School Safety & Education

Each day, more than 5,600 students attend our five public schools; including staff, the population of these five schools exceeds that of two-thords of the cities/towns within North Caolina.   But annually, our five schools rank among the safest within the school systems through staff & student surveys. How does this happen? It's due to the exceptional staff of police officers assigned to this critical responsibility. But while their primary responsibility is to ensure the safety of everyone on the campuses, their passions and efforts go much further. Here's a brief introduction to this outstanding staff:

Officer Calvin Young - As the full-time assigned School Resource Officer for David W Butler High School, Officer Young brings more than 25 years of law enforcement training & experience to the campus of more than 2,100 students. In addition to his daily responsibilities, Officer Young also leads the award-winning  Butler Campus Crime Stoppers. Additionally, he helps with the planning and logistical needs of the Butler DREAM Team, a group of outstanding senior scholar athletes committed to being drug, alcohol, tobacco & violence free while upholding moral excellence.

Officer Don Warren - With more than 15 years of law enforcement experience within the Matthews community, Officer Warren daily ensures a safe learning environment at Crestdale Middle School. In addition to his numerous community service efforts, Officer Warren also helps to mentor the Crestdalle Middle School DREAM Team. The first-such middle school DREAM Team in the state; it's stated mission is: " promote positive lifestyles by being drug, alcohol, tobacco & violence free while developing skills necessary to promote citizenship and leadership to their peers and area elementary schools."  But his devotion to mentoring our youth does not stop there. Officer Warren also leads our department's Police Explorer Post. Annually, he works with more than thirty local teens, ages 14-20, throughout the school year; teaching them not only about law enforcement, but more importantly how to become mature, respectful and productive citizens.  

Officer Ronda Sprinkle - Ours is the only community within the county to provide School Resource Officers for our elementary schools, and Officer Sprinkle provides this service with distinction. With more than 13 years of law enforcement service & training, she provides a critical safety presence at our three public elementary schools: Crown Point, Elizabeth Lane and Matthews Elementary

Officer Robert Holmes - Ours is a unique community; we are also one of the few communities within our region which still values and supports the DARE program for our students. Officer Holmes has more than 20 years’ experience with the Matthews Police Department and is responsible for presenting the DARE program to all fifth grade students at Elizabeth Lane, Crown Point, and Matthews Elementary.  Officer Holmes passionately believes in the importance of the DARE program and the lessons it provides on topics such as: responsibility, dangers of drugs and alcohol, decision making, resistance strategies, communication, stress, peer pressure, and bullying.  In his 20 years with the department, Officer Holmes has held several positions within the department, but wholeheartedly believes his position as a DARE Officer to be his most important responsibility to date.  While not teaching DARE classes Officer Holmes partners with Officer Sprinkle to provide a safe and positive educational environment at our three elementary schools.

So it should be quite evident why the Matthews community boasts the highest rated 'safe' schools within Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

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